The Importance of Play (Play is Childs Work):

Consider the tremendous value of play.
It is the child's natural way of learning, his/her way of maturing intellectually, as well as physically & emotionally. It is through play that the child comes to terms with life's conflicts. It is how a child externalize & manages aggression. Play is the way that children make scary things less scary. It allows the child to exercise control rarely permitted at this age in the real world, & therefore has a lot to do with the child's emotional growth.

Play is a natural base for learning social skills such as compromise, cooperation, planning, problem solving, & respect for the needs of others. It is also the foundation for many academic skills. Block play, for example, provides a basis for the development of many concepts such as gravity, number, classification, balance, patterning, & serial ordering, Play provides opportunities for extending language, developing critical thinking & perceptual skills, fostering creativity & personal expression.

The most successful play emerges from materials that offer many open ended possibilities as opposed to toys that "do the work" for the child.

Learning through play, music & art activities can help prevent school burn Out. We feel that we have a great combination of learning through play at our preschool. Children have fun learning their numbers, letters, colors, etc. We hope that our program encourages each child to develop according to his/her capacity. Our program encourages him/her to think, remember & experiment. All the while we believe the loving atmosphere here allows for opportunities to share & interact with others developing social skills.