Teddy Bear Press ---
January 2018 Volume 12.01

January is about, Weather, & Winter, Snow and The New Year. January is also a month for child evaluations. We want to make this a positive time of communication between parent and teacher. If you feel there is a need for a conference after reviewing the child evaluation form, please talk to your child's teacher to set up a time convenient for you and the teacher to conference.

We hope that you had a wonderful holiday! Wow our yard and Classrooms were full! A very special thanks to the parents who came to our Holiday Program. You made it a special and festive event. The entire staff would like to thank you for all the kindness, words of appreciation, goodies, and lovely gifts during this holiday season!

Many parents helped make December a special month at Teddy Bear.

The staff at Teddy Bear would like to thank the following children & parents who were gracious enough to think of us during this Holiday Season with gifts. Thank you to all of you for thinking of us during this holiday season. So many of you got the whole staff gifts. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. Gifts, cards, gift cards & goodies for the teachers...
Breanna, Jackson, Vincent, Leia, Levi, Damian, Everleigh, Brielle, Charlie, Hunter, Katie, Cayden, Vanessa, Bleu, Brooklyn, Tucker, Melissa, Denali, Kiana, Bryce, Lia & Emma G., James, Scarlett, Simone, Lucy, Malcolm, Grace, Zachary, Elizabeth, Finn, Carlie, Iris, Sydney, Monty, Bryce, James, Charlie, Logan, Emma B., Ellie, Katie, Simon. Thank you for thinking of us during the Holiday.

Birthdays -
James 4th Birthday party - Donut Holes.
Cayden 4th Birthday party - donut holes.
Bleu's 3rd Birthday party - donuts.

Treats for the teachers - Hunter, Kiana, Melissa, Charlie & Carlie.
Plastic bags - Vincent, Bryce.
Flowers for the teachers - Melissa.
Toy, Book donations - Melissa, Malcolm, Sebastian & Breanna.

Thank you to all of you wonderful parents.

Holiday Party sign ups...
Thank you all so much for making our parties a success with your generous contributions.

***** Monday, January 15th, we will be closed for Martin Luther King's Birthday. Please make a note of this. *****

Themes for classrooms...
Yellow Room and Red Room Friends will be going over Letters this month. Blue Room & Green Room Friends will be going over Community Helpers. If you would like to send any books from home with the emphasis on letters and Community Helpers they are welcome this month.

An important reminder about lunch...

Please remember...
that we do not heat up lunches. Do not send lunch to school that needs to be warmed up. If you need some menu ideas or need to know what your child likes to eat at lunch time please feel free to ask your child's teacher. Also, if you can please peel/cut your child's fruit or hard boiled eggs, that would help our a great deal at lunch time. We appreciate it. Also remember that your child needs a napkin in his/her lunch everyday. Please put a spoon or fork in your child's lunch if they need it for fruit cups or yogurt. Please label everything that your child brings to school, with their names…for example, jackets, sweaters, sheets and blankets, share toys, sippy cups,etc.

Our children that nap at school all need a standard crib sheet and blanket to nap on everyday. Please remember to take them home every Friday to wash, it is nice to have a clean sheet and blanket every Monday to sleep on. Please make sure your child's name is on all of the nap items as well as chothing. We appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you. Teddy Bear Staff.

Five Senses week will be on January, 8-12. Please sign up in the office if you would like to bring in any items for this fun filled week.

Special Activities for January...

Jan 1, Mon - School Closed For New Years Day.

Jan 4, Thu - Baby Picture Day -- Every child should bring a baby picture of themselves on this day. Fun filled activities to guess who is who & maybe your teacher will bring in a picture of themselves as a baby too!!!

5 Senses Week - Jan 8-12 M-F -- Emphasis on our 5 senses. We use all our senses every day. But we will do different activities each day and concentrate on a specific sense. For example, Taste. We will taste different things from sweet to sour. Look for signs in the office for more information and you might want to bring in some items for this fun week.

Jan 15, Mon - School Closed Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Jan 17, Wed - Light Blue Day -- Wear something light blue.

Jan 18, Thu - Purple Day -- Wear something purple today.

Jan 31, Wed - Evaluations go home.

Happy New Year to everyone! May an abundance of peace, prosperity, good health and good cheer fill your New Year!!

Teddybear Preschool Staff