Teddy Bear Press ---
March 2019 Volume 13.03

March is about Spring, Kites, Safety, and St. Patrick's Day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful parents who brought things for our Valentines Day parties and wonderful gifts for our staff.

Important reminders...
Please label all of your child's belongings, this includes lunch boxes, share toys, clothing and sheets and blankets. Please help us keep track or your child's belongings. There are so many jackets and sweatshirts in the yellow room on the hooks. Please claim your child’s belongings because there are no names on them and we do not know what is whose. We will put them in a basket for our parents to look through and clothes that are not claimed by the 16th of every other month will be donated to local charities or churches.

Send a clean sheet and blanket to school every Monday if your child naps at school. Blanket washing day is every Friday.

A note from our teachers...
Share days are on Mondays & Thursdays please remember not to send valuable toys to school. Our staff cannot be responsible for broken or lost toys. Some of our children come to school with toys everyday. We would appreciate it very much if you can send a toy to share only on Share days. Books are welcome any day of the week to share Also please pack a napkin in your child's lunch box everyday. Thank you for your cooperation.

We would like to help our children grow up with healthy habits and good eating habits and with your help, we can achieve that. We cannot stress enough how important breakfast is. When your child has a good healthy breakfast he/she is ready to start the day with proper fuel in the morning, this will also help with transitions in the morning and hopefully help your morning go smoother with a less cranky child.

March is National Nutrition month, so we will be talking about healthy foods in each classroom. If you would like some suggestions, about different lunch, ideas feel free to ask a staff member and we will be happy to help in any way. We know that our parents are busy and rushing and we are here to help you.

Classroom curriculum for Yellow Room and Red Room will be Our names, Blue Room will be Opposites, & Green Room the alphabet. If you have any books you would like to send to share in class on any of our classroom themes or whole school themes feel free to.

Parents to thank for the month of February...

Valentines day parties -- Emma G., Jackson, Katie, Bleu, Isabelle, Ellie, Maddie, Savannah R., Olivia, Sydney, Elizabeth, Noah, Cayden, Lucy, Bryce, Iris, Vanessa, Kiana, Johnny, Penny, Emilio, Everleigh, Leia, Alexis, Dresden, Rhys, Sebastian, Savannah S., Remy, Marcelino, Leo, Greyson, Franky, Maeve, & Riley.

Valentine's Day gifts for the teachers, Just gifts for teachers -- Emilio, Emma G., Marcelino, Olivia, Jorge, Jackson, Greyson, Emma B., Noah, Maddie, Bryce, Alexis, Bleu, Maddie.

Many got treats and gifts for the whole staff. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

Thanks for all of our families who brought fruit for our fruit day, we enjoyed a delicious friendship salad. The children loved it!!!


Adrian's 3rd Birthday -- cupcakes.

Other Children to thank...

Everleigh -- Flowers for teacher.
Emilio -- gift for teacher.
Sydney -- Blood oranges for Red Day.
Katie -- Plastic bags.
And anyone we may have forgotten.

Please note that Pick up time for Half Days is 12:30pm. And Full Days is 6pm. There is a late charge of $1 a minute after 6pm that is paid to the teacher on duty.

Also please be courteous and pull all the way forward in front of the school at drop off time and pick up time.Many parents have been complaining that some parents are parking right in front of the door, thus causing parents to have to park around the corner, or that parents are visiting and talking and taking too long to move their cars. The most busy times at pick up time is between 8am and 8:30am, 12:15pm - 12:30pm. then again in the afternoon at 4:45 pm until 5:30pm.

We appreciate your attention to this matter. Thank you.

Events for March...

Mar 4-5, Mon-Tue -- Dr. Suess' B-Day - Activities , stories and movies that all families and children enjoy. Remembering this wonderful Author.

Mar 7, Thu -- Green eggs and ham Day - The children listen to the story Green Eggs and Ham and eat a special treat that the children will make for snack and watch the movie green eggs and ham.

Mar 10, Sat -- Saturday night/Sunday morning, Spring forward one hour. Daylight savings time.

Mar 13, Wed -- Green Day - Everyone wear something Green.

Mar 14, Thu -- Pig Day - National Pig Day to promote Pig Appreciation -- Activities and songs, stories and finger-plays. Remember "this little piggy"?

Mar 15, Fri -- Outdoor Set-Up -- weather permitting... Play dough, painting & more all outside.

Mar 18, Mon -- St. Patrick's Day parties -- Look for sign ups in the office. Thank you.

Mar 20, Wed -- Pickle Day - Special activities that have to do with pickles, songs and more.

Mar 21, Thu -- Kite Day - Making a kite and special songs etc.

Mar 28, Thu -- Nutrition Day - March is also National Nutrition month. We will be introducing our children to the four major food groups. and learning how to stay strong and healthy.

May the month ahead bring us all rich opportunities for learning and working together. Thank you for supporting us in our mission of providing a caring environment where all our Teddy Bear children will learn and achieve. You are essential to our school

Teddybear Preschool Staff