Teddy Bear Press ---
July 2018 Volume 12.06

July is about Our Flag, Our Country, Fourth of July, Summer Fun and Water. We will be playing with our water tables, squirt bottles, and splash pools. More details will be posted in the office.

School is closed Wednesday, July 4 for Independence Day.

We have a fun filled summer ahead of us. We need your support to make our program a success. We'll have puppet week, water play, Camping days, and much more. If you would like to send a movie ("G" movies only please), books, tapes or CD's to school to share you are more than welcome to. Please put your child's name on them so that we can keep track or who bringing what. Thanks to all our parents for accepting our Share day rules and keeping share toys home during the week and only bringing them on Share days, Mondays and Thursdays. We will also have some fun Theme weeks that we will be posting in the office for every week this summer. So watch for signs and sign ups.

An Important reminder...
Parents please put some sun block on your children before coming to school. We have a lot of shade from the trees in our yard and we are inside during the peak sun hours, yet that little bit of extra protection can't hurt.

An important note from our staff...
We serve snack at school at 8:45/9am but it is just a snack until lunchtime. If your child gets to school at 7am & it is too early in the morning for your child to eat you may send something for your child to eat at 8:30 when we go outside. Please send this breakfast item in a separate bag and please let one of the morning teachers know that they have a breakfast item like a granola bar, piece of fruit or piece of toast that needs to be given to them to eat at 8:30. But Breakfast should be eaten at home. Also with the warmer weather feel free to send an extra juice in their lunch too.
Also if your child is here past 5pm... you can pack an extra snack. We have our children get 1 thing from their lunch box to eat at 5pm. This will hold them over until dinner with out spoiling their appetite for dinner. Our afternoon snack is at 3pm and our children can get hungry at this time. Also Please send a sippy cup filled w/ water everyday so your child can get that at any time during the day to drink. Please make sure to label it w/ your child's name. Also make sure that your child has a napkin or paper towel in their lunch box everyday. Thank you! Also, it's very important for everyone to stay hydrated. Do not forget to send a sippy cup of clean water for your child everyday. We will refill it for them through out the day. Thank you!
Please check your child's cubby and make sure that he/she has extra clothes. You can also replace winter clothes with summer ones. Also make sure to check your child's art file for art work. Thank you.

Please put water in a sippy cup for lunch please. The plastic water bottles spill very easily and are difficult for our little ones to drink out of. Please remember to put your child's name on it. Pack a napkin in your child's lunch everyday. Thank you so much!

Everyone is on some kind of Summer schedule. Please notify us via email @ tbpreschool@sbcglobal.net of up coming vacations, please call the office if your child will be out for the day, and most important of all, if your child will be coming into school late please call us, and if at all possible please bring your child to school by 9:30 am, or 11 am at the latest. It is very difficult for any child to come to school at 12:30 right at nap time, sometimes the children cry and it gets very disruptive to our children that have a long day & need their naps. We appreciate your attention to this matter. We appreciate you calling us if your child will be here later than 10am, or will be out the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please hand in tuition increase forms and return ASAP. Thank you.

Special Parents to thank in the month of June...

Helpful Families from June...
Charlie - tissue.
Katie & Sidney - Pull donation.
Johnny - extra underwear donation.
Thanks to everyone who brought lemons for Lemonade day.

Gifts, Flowers, cards and goodies for the staff...
Leia, Grace, Ana Laura, Lia, Emma, Lola.

Birthdays -
Bryce's 4th - donut holes.
Johnny's 4th - cake.
Elizabeth's 4th - donuts and reptile petting zoo.
Thank you for celebrating w/ us all at Teddy Bear.

Other items for the school during May -
Plastic grocery bags - Sidney , Simone and Penny.

And anyone we might have forgotten.

Green room curriculum will be Farm Animals, Red & Yellow Rooms - Sea Life, and Blue room will be Zoo Animals. These topics will be covered along with all the whole school activities.

Unfortunately w/ California's Water shortage we will not be doing Water pool days this summer. But we will have water play activities just not getting completely wet in wading pools.

Activities planned for the month of July...

July 4, Wed -- School Closed - Independence Day.

July 6, Thu -- Red, white & blue Day - Wear something red, white & blue today!

July 11, Wed -- Fresh Fruit Day - Each child should bring a piece of fruit to make a fruit salad.

July 12, Thu -- Ball Day - Every child should bring a ball of any size to school today. We will all share them and have a fun bouncy day.

July 18, Wed -- Milk Shake Day - Making milk shakes and smoothies today.

July 18, Wed -- Beauty shop Day - Make-up, doing hair, nails, shaving with Popsicle sticks and more.

July 19, Thu -- Pajama Day - Everyone wear their favorite Pajama to school on this day.

July 25, Wed -- Clifford Day - Wear something red today. Activities will center on the character Clifford the Big Red Dog.

July 26, Thu -- Ice Cream Sundae Day. Making Ice Cream Sundaes.

Have a safe and pleasant Fourth of July!

Teddybear Preschool Staff