Teddy Bear Press ---
August 2018 Volume 12.08

August is about The Beach, The Ocean, Seashells, and Camping.

Camping week is August 7-9. We will be setting up a small tent in the classrooms to share for everyone to enjoy and some camping equipment. Your child may bring a sleeping bag to school for naptime, their backpacks, and other camping toys this week. Please put your child's name on everything.

Wednesday, August 15, will be National Aviation Day. This day honors Orville and Wilbur Wright, the brothers who made the first airplane flight in 1903. On this day, your child may bring pictures and toys of different kinds of aircraft - jets, propeller planes, helicopters, gliders, and space ships. Many of our children have gone to Local Air Shows; this is the perfect time to send pictures for show and tell.

Special Parents to thank in the month of July...

Everyone that brought in fresh fruit for our fruit salad.

Treats for teachers -- Jackson and Greyson, Monty. & Sydney

Plastic bags -- Jackson, Greyson and Katie.

Puppets -- Ellie.

Gifts and treats for teachers -- Brooklyn, Carlie, Grace and Monty.

The Teddy Bear staff and school would like to extend our appreciation to all these wonderful children's parents! In addition, anyone we may have forgotten. Thank you all so much!

A reminder about lunchtime...
Please provide your child with a napkin in his/her lunches every day and a spoon or fork if they need one. If your child has fruit that needs to be peeled or cut up to eat, please do this at home. Each teacher has 12 children in their class to help with lunch. We appreciate this & it will help lunch time go a lot more smoothly. Thank you Teddy Bear staff.

Dance class & Gymnastics class has several openings. If you are interested in signing your child up please ask one of our staff to let your child visit for a free class. Many of our children are eager to join in the fun.

Please sign your child in with a Full Signature, first and last name. Licensing for all our parents to sign in this way requires this. Please no initials. Every time licensing comes in for an inspection, the same parents have signed in with just a first name or initials. We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Please remember to label all of your child's belongings with their names. We are still seeing jackets and items w/o names on them and we would like to return items to the proper owners. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Activities planned for the month of August...

Aug 7-9, Tue-Thu -- Camping Week - Your child may bring any camping gear to school (Backpack, Boots etc.) to share. We will set up a tent in the Yellow room for all the children to play in. A sleeping bag can be used at Nap time this week! A fun filled week!

Aug 13, Mon -- First day of the new school Year.

Aug 15, Wed -- Aviation Day - Bring aircraft picture and toys to school.

Aug 16, Thu -- Pasta Day - Children should bring a sandwich bag full of their favorite pasta. The more unusual the pasta the better. We'll make necklaces, collages and snack with the pasta.

Aug 17, Fri -- Watermelon Day - Watermelon hats, snack, & activities.

Aug 22, Wed -- Very Messy Day - Playing with mud, goop, silly putty and much more. Please dress your child appropriately.

Aug 23, Thu -- Green Day - Wear something Green today.

Aug 24, Fri -- Fresh Vegetable Day - children should bring a vegetable of their choice to make a Friendship salad.

Let's try to stay cool and have a pleasant August!

Teddybear Preschool Staff