Teddy Bear Press ---
December 2018 Volume 12.12

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! The Teddy Bear Staff wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!

The children are filling with excitement in anticipation of all that is to come. There are already songs of the season in the air, parties to be planned and holiday decorations to be made. There are cookies to be baked and decorated and a Holiday Program to look forward to. The sparkle of excitement in every child's eyes is half the joy of the holiday season.

Our annual Holiday program is scheduled for Wednesday, December 12, at 9:30 am sharp, in our yard, weather permitting. Everyone is invited! Bring your family, friends, and your camera. Please be here early so that we may start promptly. We know you will want to hear your children sing with exuberance. Following the program there will be class parties. Please look for sign up in the office. Parents and all children are welcome!


Please make a note that we will be closed in celebration of the holidays... Dec 24- Jan 1 Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. We will see everyone back next year on Wednesday, January 2.

A note from Miss Nan...
A special thanks to all our teachers here at Teddy Bear Preschool. Our school is so blessed to have such wonderful loving teachers at our school. We love you... Miss Juana, Miss Myriam, Miss Vanesa , Miss Angie, Miss Arleen, Miss Victoria & our volunteer Miss Johanna. Your loving care is greatly appreciated! All of the staff's efforts are seen in the happy faces of our children every day. This lets us know that our school staff and families are working together for all of our children. And a Very Special thanks to all our wonderful Parents who support all our efforts.

Yellow and Red Room's curriculum for December is Community helpers. Green Room-- Books & Authors , Blue Room - Numbers.

The cold weather is here so please send a warm jacket to school every day, as we will still have outdoor playtime weather permitting. Be sure to replace your child's summer extra clothes with winter ones. Please label all clothing, especially jackets with your child's name. Please help the staff and Parents, aunts and uncles who pick up and don't know what their child's jacket looked like because they did not see them that morning. This will help pick up time go smoothly. We will be donating unclaimed clothing to charity.

*Please note that you can email us at any time to let us know if your child will be out for the day or late coming or just to ask a question. Even if it is after hours or the weekend We will get back to you by the next day. Our email address is.. tbpreschool@sbcglobal.net

Dance Class Holiday...
program will be on Tuesday, December 18 at 8:45 am & at 9:30am sharp. Everyone is invited.

Just a quick reminder...
we do not heat up food for lunch. Please send a napkin in their lunches every day and a plastic spoon or fork if they will need one. Please put your child's name on everything, clothes, toys, lunch box, Sippy cups, etc. Many of the children have the same items and it makes it easier for us to know what is whose. Thank you.

Parents to Thank during the month of November...

Sandwich Day Sign up -- Sydney, Leia, Savannah S., Lucy, Katie, Johnny, Bryce, Ellie, Jackson, Alexis, Olivia, Remy, Everleigh, Noah, Greyson, Iris, Kiana, Cayden, Brielle, Hynter, Vanessa, Isabelle, Svannah R., Elizabeth, & Sebastian. We think that lunch tasted better to them that day because they helped make it. Thanks to all.

Thanksgiving Luncheon -- Noah, Jackson, Everleigh, Iris, Maeve, Katie, Elizabeth, Kiana, Alexis, James, Bryce, Greyson & Lyla. Thanks to all that signed up and brought items for our feast and multiple items. The luncheon was a success! The pizza was a big hit!

Plastic bags -- Iris, Katie.

Toy/book/stickers art supplies donation -- Jackson , Greyson, Charlie & Johnny.
Treats and gifts for teachers, coffee, and donuts -- Bleu, Emma G., Lucy, Emma B., Vanessa. Sydney, Olivia , Jackson and Greyson. Thank you to all of you wonderful parents.

Activities planned for the month of December...

Dec 3-5, M-W -- Hanukkah activities.

Dec 6, Thu -- Poinsettia Day - Enjoying this native Mexican plant during the holidays. Special songs, activities and snack.

Dec 7, Fri -- Green Day - Please send your child to school dressed in something Green today.

Dec 10, Mon -- Red Day - Everyone wear something red to school on this day.

Dec 12, Wed -- Holiday Program - Our children will sing special holiday songs on our playground. The program will start at 9:30 am sharp, so be here on time so that we may start at 9:30. Please do not park in the alley or you will get a ticket. We will have our classroom parties following the program. Parents, friends and relatives are all welcome!

Dec 18, Tue -- Dance class Holiday Program - Dancers will get notice from Star Dreams of time of program for your child.

Dec 19, Wed -- Blue Day - Everyone wear something Blue on this day.

Dec 20, Thu -- Saint Lucia Day - Marks the beginning of the Christmas season in Sweden. Honoring the saint of light.

Dec 21, Fri -- St. Nicholas Day - European holiday and celebration in Holland.

Dec 24-Jan 1 -- School Closed for Christmas Holiday & New Year. We will be open again on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Have a safe, and Happy Holiday Season!

Teddybear Preschool Staff