Teddy Bear Press ---
October 2017 Volume 11.10

Our Fall program is off to a super start! Although there were some tears in the beginning, everyone now appears to be nicely adjusted. In fact, we are occasionally seeing some tears at "going home time" which tells us that the children do not want the fun to end. I hope you join me in commending the teachers for doing an outstanding job in helping to make their school experience a positive one. All of our teachers are sincerely dedicated to providing the best care and environment, possible for your children. It's a joy to see the children with happy faces and to hear your positive comments about your child's adjustment.

Important Reminders...
Please make sure the school has current emergency phone numbers on file. Make sure your child has a change of clothes in their cubbies.Some of our children do not have a Sheet and Blanket to use at naptime. Please make sure your child has one for naptime. Blanket-washing day is every Friday. Don't forget to take it home to wash.
We have sent notices out about missing forms. If you do not bring in the missing forms we will be forced by Social Services to dismiss your child from our school until the forms are filled out and returned. We appreciate your attention to this matter. Thanks to the parents who brought the forms back before the due date.

A special note...
On our class room wish list is Halloween Stickers. If you would like to send some for your child's class please put your child's name on it so that the teacher will know who brought them in. We also need markers. If you would like to donate some for our classes it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Teddy Bear staff.

Yellow and Red Room will cover tracing, visual tracking and shapes. Also holding a pencil and crayon properly. Please practice at home too. If you would like any extra work sheets to practice at home please feel free to ask us. Books are welcome any day to share in class.

Green Room will be going over Community Helpers in their class. Please feel free to send any books from home about colors to share in class. Please work at home with your child.

Blue Room will be going over shapes also. Friends... Please label everything with your child's name, especially velcro pull ups & wipes with a black marker.
Thanks for your support.

Please only send toys to school on Share Days. Share Days are Mondays and Thursday. Books are welcome any day of the week so if your child needs to bring something in with them we encourage sending books to read in class. Our annual Halloween Party will be on Tuesday day, October 31. Please send your child dressed in his/her costume that day. We will parade through our yard so that everyone can see everyone's costume, have our classroom parties & Trick or Treat to each of the classrooms. Look for our sign ups in the office the week of October 9th.

Special Parents to thank for September...

Melissa - treats for the teachers and children, craft items for Red Room.
Lia & Emma G. - gifts for the teachers and supplies for yellow room.
Ellie - Trolls DVD.
Bryce - extra diapers and plastic bags.
Damia - flowers for teacher.

Birthdays -
Ellie's 3rd birthday - cupcakes.
Zachary's 4th birthday - Cupcakes.

Cooking day ingredients -- Tucker, Elizabeth, Monty, Katie, Olivia, Brielle, Lucy, Logan, Everleigh, Vanessa, Charlie, Finn, Zachary, Mia, Levi, Denali, Iris, Melissa, Sydney, Brooklyn, Simone, Bryce, Emma G., Breanna, Lia, Simon, Johnny, James.

Thank you all so much for supporting our school and thinking of the teachers we really appreciate you all!

Special Activities for October...

Oct 4, Wed - WHOLE SCHOOL ACTIVITY -- Learning new songs finger plays and stories for the month of October.

Oct 5, Thu - BLACK DAY -- Please send your child dressed in something black today. Color emphasis Black.

Oct 6, Fri - Alphabet Day -- This Korean holiday commemorates King Sejong, For developing the Korean Alphabet for his people. We will celebrate by decorating our Alphabet letters. Learning new songs about the alphabet, special letter snacks and more.

Oct 11, Wed - ORANGE DAY -- Send your child dressed in orange today. Color emphasis Orange.

Oct 12, Thu - WHITE DAY -- Send your child dressed in white today. Color emphasis White.

Oct 17, Tue - POPCORN DAY -- Talking about the history of popcorn. At the 1st Thanksgiving the Native Americans introduced popcorn to the pilgrims. Popcorn pictures, flavored popcorn & much more.

Oct 18, Wed - Pizza Day -- October is Pizza Festival time in Italy. We will be making home made pizzas, pizza art, & more. Look for sign ups in the office.

Oct 19-20, Th-Fri - Fire Prevention -- Talking about fire safety and prevention.

Oct 31, Tue - Whole school activity -- Carving a Jack o lantern, and fun Halloween Stories.

Oct 31, Tue - Halloween Party -- Send your child to school dressed in his/her costume. We will have parties in our classrooms, a parade on our yard and trick or treat to each classroom. We will change them after the party. Our party will start @ 10am sharp. Thank you.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Teddybear Preschool Staff