Teddy Bear Press ---
February 2019 Volume 13.02

February is about Love, Valentines, Dinosaurs and Presidents. If you have any books, videos or tapes that are about the above subjects, your child is more than welcome to bring them to school to share in class.

There will be a Valentine card exchange on Thursday, February 14. Please send approximately 12 cards per class. The cards can be purchased at the supermarket, Toys R Us or Target, Ralphs or Vons. Please write your child's name on each card, your child will then give each of her/his classmates a Valentines Day card. Sign up for classroom parties will be posted in the office.

February is also African American History month. We will be talking about the important contributions made by African Americans throughout history. It is our hope that all our students develop a rich awareness & understanding of the many cultures represented at our school and in the world.

Important reminders...
Please remember to sign your child in & out every morning. Close the front door tightly as you leave for the safety of our children. Full signature and no initials please.

Please put your child's name on your tuition check if you are paying w/ a company check or if your child's last name if different from yours. Thank you. Each child needs napkins in their lunch & spoon or fork (when they need one) everyday. Also if your child takes a nap at school please be sure that he/she has a sheet and blanket to nap on. We appreciate it.

We are currently working with our children to stay out of our office for safety reasons. Please reinforce this important school rule at home too.

Some important reminders from our staff...
Please label all your children's belongings, clothes, toys, extra clothes, jackets. Parents are always asking if they saw this or that and it's very difficult to keep track of things when children's names are not on their belongings. Please remember we do not heat up lunches, & each and every child needs to have a napkin in their lunch box every day.

Please have your child at school by 9:30am so that they do not miss any class time or art time. If you child will be out of school for the day, please call the school or you can email us at tbpreschool@sbcglobal.net to let your child's teacher know. Especially if your child is sick with something contagious, we can alert our other families.

Also it is a good time to check your child's cubby to make sure that he/she has extra clothes, please label everything and put them in a large zip lock bag with his/her name on the bag. You can also check to make sure that your child has a clean sheet and blanket every week.

***** The school is closed Monday, Feb. 18, Presidents Day. *****

Many parents helped make January a special month at Teddy Bear...

Parents who signed up to bring items for 5 senses week activities -- Alexis, Sydney, Bryce, Emma G., Sebastian, Rhys, Isabelle, Kiana, Katie, Leia, Jackson, Greyson, Maddie, and Vanessa.

Thank you to all of you who brought in items that made this activity a success!! Our children had a wonderful time with all the items and activities. Especially tasting all the goodies on taste day

Other items for the school during January

Katie -- Gift from Japan for school.
Melissa -- Treat for teacher.
Brielle – gift for teachers.
Cayden – gifts for the teachers.

Special Thank you to Remy's Dad. Mr. Bird, who is a Teacher and was so kind to share the animals and reptiles from his classroom. The children enjoyed see the bullfrogs, snakes, geckos and Lizard. The children and staff enjoyed it!!!

Savannah R.'s 4th Birthday -- Donuts holes and goodies for her classmates.
Penny's 3rd Birthday -- Donut holes.
And anyone we might have forgotten.

Please sign up in the office for our Valentines Day Parties. Your support helps our special school activities be a success.

For the month of February...
Yellow Room and Red Room theme will be Books and Authors. Green Room is Numbers. & Blue Room is letters.If you would like to send any books, or tapes or videos that support any of our themes for February please feel free to send them to school to share with their class.

Events for February...

Feb 1, Fri -- Ground Hog Day Activities

Feb 5, Tue -- Chinese New Year - Celebrating the year of the pig.

Feb 6, Wed -- Pink day - Wear something pink today.

Feb 7, Thu -- Everyone wear something Red on this day - Color emphasis Red.

Feb 12, Tue -- Abraham Lincoln's Birthday - learning about our hard working 16th President.

Feb 14, Thu -- Valentines Day Parties - Exchanging cards and goodies. Please sign your child's name on each card only. Party sign ups are in the office. Thank you!

Feb 18, Mon -- School Closed - Presidents Day.

Feb 20, Wed -- Heart day - February is Heart month. The importance of taking care of our hearts, how they work in our bodies. Learning about the difference between our human heart and valentines hearts.

Feb 22, Fri -- George Washington's B-Day - Learning about the man we call "The Father of our Country" Our 1st President of the USA.

Feb 26, Tue -- Fresh Fruit day - Bring your favorite fruit to school. May be one for a friend who may forget. We will make a fruit salad in class.

Happy Valentines Day & have a nice Presidents Day.

Teddybear Preschool Staff