Teddy Bear Press ---
June 2018 Volume 12.06

We hope that this will be a very fun month for all of us who are associated with the Teddy Bear Preschool! We feel so special to be part of your lives and to know and love your special little children. The learning themes for June are Father's Day, What Dads do, Seasons and summer.

No open toe shoes, slippers or sandals are allowed at school. This will prevent stubbed toes and tripping. Close toe sandals or Tennis shoes/sneakers are the best shoes for the children to run and play in at school.

Children that will be leaving for the summer and returning in September need to leave a Re-Registration fee of $100.00 to save your space for August. If you do not leave this fee we will assume that your child will not be returning in August and will give that spot to the next child on our waiting list.

A note from our teachers...
If you have a message that you would like relayed to your child's teacher please feel free to leave a note for her. The teacher on duty will be happy to put it in the proper mailbox to give her your message.

We also would appreciate it if you can label all of your child's belongings.

Please make sure that your child has extra clothes & a small sheet & blanket if your child naps. Please take home your child's large pillow & large blanket because we do not have the space in their cubbies for them. When you get a chance please check for your child's jackets that are hanging in the Yellow room. Those jackets that have been there for the past month with no names on them will be donated to charity. We will put a note up in the office to remind you. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter.

A note to Miss Vanesa, Miss Angie and Miss Arleen's children...
Please put water in a sippy cup for lunch please. The plastic water bottles spill very easily and are difficult for our little ones to drink out of. Please remember to put your child's name on it. Pack a napkin in your child's lunch everyday. Thank you so much!

Our month's theme for Yellow and Red Room classes will be Mother Goose Rhymes, Blue room class theme is Farm Animals. The Green Room class theme is Mother Goose Rhymes. If you would like to bring in any books to share on these topics you may this month. Please know that books from home to share in class are welcome any day of the week. It is always special for our teachers to read a special book from home.

Special Parents to thank in the month of May...

Thank you to those families that remembered our staff for Teacher Appreciation. Your kind words and wonderful gifts and flowers were very special to us.

Teacher gifts, goodies, cards and flowers...
Kiana, Vanessa, Logan, Simone, Penny, Bleu, Hunter, AnaLaura, Melissa, Finn, Denali, Dresdan, Aiden, Claire, Isabelle, Monty, Tucker, Ellie, Bryce, Jackson, Leia, Breanna, Everleigh, Johnny, Lia, Emma G., Emma B., Zachary, Savannah, Hunter, Damian, Sebastian, Alexis, Cayden Iris, Elizabeth Sydney, Malcolm, Aluna, Carlie, Grace, Levi, Tucker, Brooklyn, Scarlett, Simon & Lucy.

Many of our Parents got the whole staff. That was very generous of you. Thank you so much. We really felt appreciated!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration!...
Kiana, Lucy, Katie, Vanessa, Elizabeth, Simon, Monty, Claire, Isabelle Everleigh, Damian, Bryce, Ellie, Jackson Brooklyn, Brielle, Sebastian, Penny, Simone, Zachary, Aiden & Leia. Thanks to all that signed up for our wonderful fiesta.

Birthdays -
Finn's 5th Birthday -- Cupcakes.
Sydney's 4th Birthday -- Donuts.
Rhys' 3rd Birthday -- Donuts.

Other items for the school during May -
Plastic bags - Sydney, Katie, Bryce, Iris.

And anyone we might have forgotten.

Activities planned for the month of June...

Pre-K Class Graduation Wednesday, June 6, @ 9:30 in our yard. All families, and friends welcome, We will start at 9:30am sharp in our yard.

June 7, Thu -- Orange Day - Wear something Orange today!

June 12, Tue -- Making Lemonade - Each child should bring a lemon to school to make lemonade.

June 13, Wed -- Father's day Coffee. At 9:30 in our yard. Songs and refreshments to celebrate all of our wonderful Dads!

June 14, Thu -- Flag Day - Celebrating the adoption of the Flag of the United States. Which happened in 1777.

June 15, Fri -- Let's Pretend we are Dad.

June 19, Tue -- Postcard Day - Activities about the good old Post card. Making our own postcard.

June 20, Wed -- Favorite T-shirt day - Wear your favorite T-shirt on this day to school.

Thanks to all the children & families that have made donations to the Trike-o-thon for St. Jude Medical Center. Your gift will be used for research and treatment of childhood cancer & other catastrophic illnesses. Thank you for your donations to help reach our goal of $1,000 donation. Thank you.

Have a Happy Fathers Day! And congratulations to all our graduates!

Teddybear Preschool Staff