Teddy Bear Press ---
September 2018 Volume 12.09

Welcome to the new school year! The first day of the new school year was August 13, as the Burbank school district's 1st day of the school year, & we have new students starting this month of September It is our goal at Teddy Bear Preschool to assist your child in moving toward growth and development. Self-esteem is a major factor in how our children perceive themselves, and is reflective in individual performance. We see it as essentially important that a child feel good about herself/himself in order to progress and grow toward optimum potential. This will be our major emphasis. We want your child to be everything that she/he can be. We hope you will join us in helping your child reach that goal.

We would like to remind you to please label everything that your child brings to school. This includes sheets and blankets, lunch boxes, toys, clothing, etc. Everything runs smoothly for the children and teachers when we know "what's whose." Share days will be MONDAYS and THURSDAYS. Your child may bring a special toy, book, etc., to school to share with friends. Please do not send any toy weapons of any kind to school. They are not allowed in school. Extremely valuable goodies should not be sent to school because items can be lost or broken. Also, please send share toys on share days only. Books are welcome any day of the week to be read at story time in class.

Dance class will be every Tuesday morning at 8:45 am & 9:30 am. with Star Dreams school of Dance and Gymnastics. The class cost is $54.00 per month. There is information about Dance and gymnastics on our sign in counter. If you are interested, in having your child try a free class, please feel free to let a teacher know and we will have your child visit the class.

Parents & children to thank in the month of August...


Everleigh's 3rd -- Donuts.
Emilio's 3rd -- Brownies & cupcakes.
Iris -- Cupcakes.

Gifts and treats for teachers and Friends -- Kiana, Malcolm, Denali, Zachary, Vanessa, Monty, Simon Leia, Olivia, Sydney.

Plastic bags -- Katie & Bryce and everyone that brought vegetables for vegetable day. In addition, anyone we may have forgotten.

Thank you all so much for all your help and bringing items to make our program a success!

If your child naps at school, he/she will need a small fitted crib sheet and small blanket. Small sheet, blanket and small pillow is appreciated because space is limited. Every child will also need extra clothes in her/his cubbyhole. Please put extra socks, shirt, underwear, pants etc in a large ziploc bag with your child's name on the bag. This will fit nicely in her/his cubbyhole.

Please take a new child information sheet from the sign in counter. Each parent is required to fill a new form for the school year. Information can change, for example adding or deleting people who can pick up, These sheets need to be returned by Friday, September 14. New students have already filled out this form upon registration, disregard this notice. Also, Please take a copy of our school holidays so that you can plan for days closed in the future. Please note that our Staff Development week will be 4th of July Week. We chose to close on the week that is the most low enrollment during the summer rather than in August or September when all of the children are in school. Please make a note of this. Reminder about late pick up fee is $1 a minute after 6pm. That late fee is to be paid to the teacher on duty. Please be on time to pick up your child and if you are going to be late please call the school to let the teacher on duty know, you will be late. Please be kind enough to pay the late fee to the closing teacher.

Half day parents... please note that pick up time is 12:30. We have new 2 year olds that need our teachers attention at Naptime. Thank you.

Parents -- Please note that your child's belongings will be in his/her classroom. We also encourage all of our parents to visit their child's classroom to see the artwork that is being displayed. If your child will be late for school, or coming in after 9:30 am, please call the office, or email us at tbpreschool@sbcglobal.net to let us know, also if your child will be absent from school, email or please call the office to let a staff member know. Please try to have your child at school by 9:30 am so that they do not miss any class time. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

All of our children will be learning about the following curriculum topics this month... Fall, Leaves, Our School, School Rules and Good Manners. Each teacher will introduce curriculum topics of her own also. Academics in each room will be age appropriate. If your child does not show any interest in academics, your child will not be forced to do the activity, but encouraged to try. Green Room curriculum will cover Colors, Blue Room -- Colors, Red and Yellow Room -- Numbers.

A note about lunch items & lunch time...
Include a napkin every day & spoon or fork if he/she needs one. 1 Paper towel to use as a place mat is recommended for children in The Blue Room/ 2 year old class. Please peel apples, eggs, oranges etc. This will help lunchtime go smoothly. Please also stress at home that we cannot let our children share any part of their lunch with friends. Some of our children have very serious food allergies, especially peanut allergies. Our teachers are aware of all children with food allergies and we do not want to encourage any of our children to share lunch items with their friends. Thank you.

Activities planned for the month of September...

Sept 3, Mon -- SCHOOL CLOSED - Labor day.

Sept 5, Wed -- Red Day - Everyone should wear the color red today. Emphasis on the color red.

Sept 6, Thu -- Teddy Bear Day - Your child may bring her/his teddy bear to school. Special activities revolved around teddy bears.

Sept 10, Mon -- Grandparents Day - A special day to honor our grandparents. Special art activities, songs & stories. Your children may bring pictures of their grandparents on this day!

Sept 11, Tue -- Apple Day - Bring an apple to school to prepare apple dishes, do stories and special art projects with apples. Bring one for a friend who might forget.

Sept 12, Wed -- Special Hat Day - Send your child in her/his favorite hat/cap. If you child does not have one it's OK we will be making & decorating hats today.

Sept 13, Thu -- Shadow Day - Fun activities and discovering our shadow. A fun imagination stretcher.

Sept 19, Wed -- Crazy Sock Day - everyone wear their favorite pair of crazy sock to school on this day. Plain ones are fine too We will decorate a crazy craft sock on this day.

Sept 20, Thu -- Johnny Apple-seed Day - Johnny Appleseed's birthday is Sept. 26, 1774. To celebrate we will talk about his story, apple art, and Have a special apple snack.

Sept 26 & 27, Wed & Thu -- Cooking Day - Cooking in class with our friends.

We have a fun filled year planned. Welcome to our school! Hope that you all have a pleasant and safe holiday weekend!

Teddybear Preschool Staff