Teddy Bear Press ---
May 2018 Volume 12.04

May is about Mother's day, Flowers, spring, and Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican Holiday celebration) falls on Friday, May 4, and we will celebrate at school with a special Mexican snack and festivities. We have a sign up sheet in the office if you would like to bring something for our party. Thanks to all those parents who already signed up for our festivities.


Important reminders...
Please make sure to close the front door tight when entering and leaving our school for our children's safety. Thank you.

Our loading zone takes care of cars being parked out in front, yet it will not prevent parents reporting to the teachers that cars are not pulling all the way forward or some cars parking there for long periods of time making other parents wait for the parking spot making them late to pick up. Busy times are at 12:30 and at 5:00 pm. We hope that everyone will be courteous enough to each other so that everyone will get a chance to park and pick up their children without any problem. Thank you!

May 16-17 is National Teacher Appreciation days in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Teddy Bear Preschool and our children will be celebrating their teachers. Remember your teacher one day this week with a special picture from your child, a flower from your garden or just a kind word of appreciation to your child's teacher to let her know what a wonderful job she is doing will be very special. We all love our teachers here at Teddy Bear. We are so fortunate to have them!

Summer is soon approaching and we have a fun summer program planned. If you plan to pull your child out of school for the summer please let Miss Nan or Miss Myriam know in order for our school to know how many spaces will be available this summer. We would appreciate it if you can write a short note stating your child's last day in May/June. There is a re-registration fee of $100 due when your child returns in August. Thank you.

Special Parents to thank in the month of April...

Birthdays -
Melissa's 4th - Cupcakes.
Breanna's 5th - Rice Krispie treats and treats.
Aluna's 4th - donuts and donuts for staff.
Emma G.'s 3rd - cupcakes.
Isabelle's 3rd - cupcakes.

Other items for the school during April -
Plastic bags - Bryce, Grace, Finn, Elizabeth, Jackson and James.
Pictures for teachers - Lucy & Breanna.
Charlie - Boxes of tissues for our kids runny noses.

And anyone we might have forgotten.

Our annual Trike-a-thon Thursday, May 31. We will be talking about bike safety at school & we will also have a Trike-a-thon riding laps in our yard to raise money for St Jude's Medical Center to find cures for childhood diseases. Sponsor sheet will be on the office counter Please take one. Our children will be riding our school bikes around our track to raise funds for the sick children at St Jude's Hospital. There will be no need to bring bikes from homePlease help us raise our goal total of $1000 to donate to St. Jude's. Every Child will be able to participate @ 9am.

Our Mother's Day Tea will be on Wednesday, May 9th, at 9:30am - 10am in our school playground. We will have a short program and refreshments. We hope that you will be able to join us. Dads, Friends and Family are welcome too.

Please make sure that your child has extra clothes, socks and if your child is newly potty trained an extra pair of shoes just in case would be great. Thank you.

Yellow and Red Room theme for May is Opposites, Green Room - Opposites, Blue Room - Things about me.

Activities planned for the month of May...

May 4, Fri -- Cinco de Mayo - Pinatas, Mexican snacks, music, goodies and more. Learning Spanish words.

May 9, Wed -- Mother's Day Tea - All Parents are welcome on this day for refreshments and a visit in your child's classroom to see his/her work & talk to his/her teacher. 9:30am-10am. We will have a short program for our Moms. We will try and be prompt because many of our Mom's need to get to work.

May 11, Fri -- Let's Pretend we are Mommy - Dressing up and role playing.

May 15, Tue -- Smell the breezes day - Children in Egypt celebrate spring with picnics & enjoying the fresh sweet smells of spring. We'll have a picnic in our rooms. send a flower from your garden today for our classrooms to smell. It's also Teacher Appreciation days so the flower from your garden will be perfect to bring on this day.

May 16-17, Wed-Thru -- Teacher appreciation days - Remember to let your child's teacher how special she is one day this week.

May 18, Fri -- Red Day - Wear something red. Activities based on color red.

May 22, Tue -- Mickey Mouse Day - Wear your Mickey Mouse shirt, bring in your Mickey toy, making mouse ears, movies, stories and songs.

May 23, Wed -- Pet day - send a picture of your family pet. We will talk about taking care of pets, make pet rocks, & more.

May 24, Thu -- Pony Pictures - Every child will take a picture on a pony. They will dress them in cowboy costume and every child gets a pony ride. Pictures will be back in a few weeks for viewing and purchase. Please have your child here by 9am. Thank you.

May 25, Fri -- Windmill Day - Fun with windmill art.

May 28, Mon -- Memorial Day - School Closed

As we are in the busy months of spring, please know how thankful we are for your support of Teddy Bear Preschool. You contribute much to our school program and enrich the lives of our students. We are very grateful for the families of Teddy Bear Preschool.

Teddybear Preschool Staff